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Welcome to the unforgettable stunning experience of Beautiful Aromas Massage and Waxing Boutique...

All our therapists are fully qualified to hold national and international certificates. I am a registered beauty therapist. I have worked in Kirkcaldie & Stains cosmetic retail and beauty therapy industry with over 20 years of experience in Wellington, NZ. In our beautiful Day Spa & Giftware boutique, we provide you deluxe, quality worldwide professional products, beauty spa treatments, combined ​with the amazing classic, loveable home & giftware at an affordable price for you and your loved ones.

As professional beauty therapists, we believe health and beauty come from the natural balances of your body. And we know how hard it is you work to earn a living. Therefore, we really value every dollar you spend with us. All our massages use different scents of organic essential oils blending with a beautiful carrier oil, such as Sweet Almond, Avocado, Coconut, Apricot at your choice without extra charge to relieve stress and calm your body and mind - to match our name: Beautiful Aromas.

Our skincare and body products are all nature, plant and flower based. Skincare products are from the famous international brand Paris. Fragrances come from a wild range of unique natural botanicals. Deluxe machine facials are our specialization treatments. Treatment is customized for different skin types to effectively treat the individual concern with Microdermabrasion, Galvanic, Radio Frequency, Ultrasonic, High Frequency, and Vacuum Suction machines matching with Chemical Peel if necessary, for a visible result lasting up to 4 weeks. It is your must love unique facial treatment compared with others! Fragrance body scrub & wrap products are 100% New Zealand made from NZ SPA, one of the leading beauty industry body care range with us in Wellington. This is combined with deluxe infra-red, sauna, detox, slimming machine blanket: cleansing, exfoliating, detoxifying, and improved blood circulation. Good circulation is the most important path to take away toxins, keeping your body slim and healthy so you can feel the difference!

Start your dream of relaxing in a fragrant, tranquil, and delightful journey with us in a beautiful home & giftware environment with our professional beauty Spa treatments! Experience the difference... And tell us what luxury and quality means to you! You can get it all with us at our affordable prices. We really value each of our customers.

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